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We are a member church of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) and are served by Pastor Robert Lindberg. Visit us for Sunday services at 10:00AM or drop in to any of our special events throughout the year. 

Choir rehearsal 9:30AM 

Sunday School 9:30AM

Sunday Worship 10:00AM

Fellowship 11:00AM

What we do!

Advent Lutheran Church provides a place of spiritual growth and renewal, where everyone is welcome and the message of Jesus comes first.

See you sunday!

We are at 554 US Route 202, Rindge NH 

What Is a Lutheran?

If you’re like most people, what you know of Lutherans is probably from Garrison Keillor’s radio show Prairie Home Companion. That’s because his show comes from Minnesota, where you can swing a cat and pretty much be sure of hitting a Lutheran. But, really, we’re everywhere.  A long time ago, we were all divided up among various immigrant groups — Norwegians, Danes, Swedes, Finns, and Germans. (The original Lutheran, Martin Luther, was a German monk born in 1483. Once his ideas caught on, they spread northward into Scandinavia.)

In the early 1980s, most of us agreed to get along and merged into one big Lutheran group called the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, and that’s the group that Advent Lutheran Church in Rindge, New Hampshire belongs to. Rumor has it that there are about 70 million Christians who call themselves Lutherans throughout the world today. At Advent Lutheran, we’re often confused, locally, with the Apostolic Lutherans in nearby New Ipswich and the Missouri-Synod Lutherans, who have congregations nearby in Peterborough, Troy, and Keene.

In reality, many of our members do not come from Lutheran backgrounds.  They come to us from all kinds of Christian backgrounds, or no prior church experience at all. What we share are the basic principles of faith.

This is Christ's church.

There is a place for you here.

We are the church that shares a living, daring confidence in God's grace. Liberated by our faith, we embrace you as a whole person — questions, complexities and all. Join us as we do God's work in Christ's name for the life of the world. 

New Members Classes

We offer new members classes to learn about the history of the Lutheran Church, the life of the Church and many other things about Advent. If you are interested, please contact the church office or any of the Council members. 




The congregation council

The congregation council


Pastor Bob Lindberg

The congregation council

The congregation council

The congregation council


L-R top row; Dan Mun Truong, Tom Talbot, Pastor Bob, Jeff Poston

L-R bottom row; Gloria Leustek, Julie Sementa, JeanMarie Rodriguez, Maryanne Bates, Evelyn Fogg, Susan Wadsworth

The officers

The congregation council

Our communication coordinator


Left to Right;

Secretary - Susan Wadsworth

Vice President - Gloria Leustek

President - Julie Sementa

Treasurer - Evelyn Fogg

Our communication coordinator

Our Contemporary Service Leader

Our communication coordinator


Evelyn Fogg

Our accompanist

Our Contemporary Service Leader

Our Contemporary Service Leader


Candy Phillips

Our Contemporary Service Leader

Our Contemporary Service Leader

Our Contemporary Service Leader


Jeff Poston