Let us Pray For

  • Carol P. (for continued healing)
  • Dan (Friend of Pastor Bob)
  • Tom (Friend of Gloria)
  • Beverly
  • Ze' (Jose') (Brother-in-Law of Gloria)
  • Ingrid (Sister-in-Law of Gloria)
  • Karen (Friend of JeanMarie)
  • Jason J. (Friend of Toni S.)
  • Mary K. (Maryanne B's Mother)
  • Maida (Friend of Candy)
  • Steve M.
  • Erik
  • Helen (Friend of JeanMarie)
  • Robin (Friend of Toni S.)
  • Nila & Roy (Neighbors of Maryanne & Tom)
  • Amedine  
  • Marilyn
  • Jeff & Cathy and Family 

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Prayer Request

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Advent Lutheran Church

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