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Advent Kids to Host Pancake Breakfast as Part of Their “Llama Project”

Advent Kids Pancake Breakfast

It was a close vote – whether to raise funds for llama or a goat. In the end, the llama won out because, as the kids explained, “you can use a llama for transportation, too!” Advent’s Sunday School kids decided earlier this fall that they wanted to “purchase” an animal through the Heifer International program for their Christmas project. A goat provides milk and cheese to poor families around the world, meaning better nutrition, especially for the children, and the opportunity to build a family business and develop self reliance. Thanks to their highly prized and very warm wool, llamas are also a key to a sustainable livelihood. And the price for each was almost the same: $120 for the goat vs. $150 for the llama.

As part of their fundraising efforts, the kids are hosting a pancake breakfast on Sunday 8 December from 7:00-9:45. The $5.00 cost gets you Chef Poston’s delicious pancakes, sausage, fruit, a choice of juices, and that good Lutheran coffee.