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Letter from Bishop Hazelwood: The Newtown Tragedy

An excerpt from Bishop James Hazelwood’s letter to the New England Synod of the ELCA on 15 December 2012:

There are no words available to me to adequately express the loss and sorrow I feel over this tragedy in Connecticut. It may be the season of Advent, but it feels like the morning after Good Friday, before anyone realized the word “Good” could be added.

 Our hearts are broken for the parents, siblings, family, coworkers, first responders, ministers and residents surrounding the Newtown, Connecticut community. We pray, indeed. But, this morning my prayer is more deep sigh, than eloquent words.

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Children’s Christmas Pageant, Congregational Meeting Set for Sunday 16 December

Had you poked your head into the nursery/classroom this past Sunday, you would have seen the kids of Advent hard at work preparing for the annual Christmas Pageant — with numerous sticky hands employing glitter, tinsel, cotton balls, and a great deal of glue as they created their own costumes. (Some of the designers are pictured here decorating the church Christmas tree two weeks ago.)

The Children’s Christmas Pageant will be held during the service on Sunday 16 December. Also on the 16th, immediately following the service, will be the Congregational Meeting.