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From the beautiful Song of Hannah to the battle of David and Goliath, the Book of First Samuel is filled with images and words ingrained in our spiritual and cultural sensibillity. The nature of kingship and government and the undying loyalty of friends are two of the many threads woven through the lives of the prophet Samuel, King Saul, and young David in this book.

Bible Study Series: The Book of First Samuel (Week Four Notes)

Saul continues to provoke battle, while David paves the way for his kingly future.


It is interesting to note the briefness of the statement of the death of Samuel. He is, after all, the one for whom these books are named, and he was the great prophet of Israel. No details of the funeral other than to say that “all Israel gathered.” Does that mean a truce was declared and David came? Does it mean that he didn’t come and was therefore not considered part of Israel anymore? The truth is we just don’t know any of these details, and the chronicler of the story evidently did not consider them worthy of mention. That is significant in itself.

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